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The Foundation strives to make strategic grants to organizations serving victims of homelessness in our community.  Organizations serving those currently and formerly incarcerated with job readiness, discipleship, and mentorship remains a high priority for the Foundation. The Foundation continues to seek out organizations serving our veterans and their families with a variety of services and programming. 


The Foundation selectively makes grants to hospitals and healthcare organizations in the North Texas community. 


The Foundation is committed to providing ongoing emergency funding for responses to natural disasters, pandemics, and other unexpected crises that arise both locally and nationally. 


The Foundation is committed to serving children and youth in foster care, as well as foster parents and families seeking to adopt.  

Organizations serving individuals of all ages with disabilities in our community remain a high priority for the Foundation. This is achieved through the support of programs such as equine therapy, college campus style learning, respite care for families, and many others. 


The Foundation supports organizations that equip and send missionaries around the globe to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Foundation also funds organizations doing Bible translation and distribution to parts of the world that do not yet have the Bible in their native language.  


The Foundation supports organizations that work to protect the lives of the unborn and to provide their families with what they need as they walk through difficult decisions and challenges.  


The Foundation selectively supports organizations working internationally to provide medical and dental care, facilitate microloan and savings programs, and prevent, rescue, and provide aftercare services to victims of human and sex trafficking. 

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